The Runaway McBride

The Runaway McBride

Original Publication Year:2009
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The Runaway McBride is an irresistible new historical romance with a delicious touch of the paranormal.

Your bride is in mortal danger, James. You must find her, or she will surely die. With these words, his grandmother passed away – leaving James Burnett the dubious gift of clairvoyance. But James, a widower, had no bride. He did, however, once have a lover he later dubbed Faithless McBride. For eight years, he’d suppressed thoughts of Faith’s abandonment with whiskey and women. That is, until visions of her imminent death started to haunt him.

Be patient. Wait for me. We’ll wed when I return. Month after patient month passed until a despondent Faith McBride learned that James had wed another in Scotland. Ever since, she’s thrown herself into unraveling the mystery of her mother’s death. But a certain criminal will stop at nothing to keep the secret buried. Only James can save her – but can Faith trust the one man who destroyed her belief in love?:

TOP PICK! With humor, poignancy, passion and intelligence, Thornton again shows her shining talent with a charming and irresistible love story filled with characters to love and a plot to savor. Kathe Robin, Romantic Times