A Bewitching Bride

A Bewitching Bride

Original Publication Year:2010
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When those around her begin meeting tragic fates, Kate Cameron knows she’s next-until she’s rescued by psychic Gavin Hepburn. But after a night of hiding together, Kate is branded a fallen woman and forced into marriage with Gavin-an arrangement that suits Gavin’s purpose to do anything it takes to keep Kate safe from a killer haunting her past. For this enigmatic and lonely beauty has become the unexpected love of his life.

The Seers are three grandsons of a famous witch, Lady Valeria, each of whom, on her death, inherited some aspect of their grandmother’s psychic powers.

This final book in the series, A Bewitching Bride (Berkley, November 2010) takes place in Aberdeen, the Granite City by the cold North Sea, and in the Dee Valley of the Scottish Highlands.

Gavin Hepburn is a true psychic but as yet is untested. When he locks eyes with a beautiful stranger Gavin knows he’s found his quarry—the woman he’s destined to save.

All her life, Kate Cameron has battled the childhood demons of her dreams. When those around her begin meeting tragic fates, Kate knows she’s next—until the deliverance of a man she’s never met. But after a night in hiding, Gavin and Kate are bound by more than just their secret visions.