Bluestocking Bride

Bluestocking Bride Cover

Original ISBN:0-8217-2215-8
Original Publication Year:1987
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Catherine Harland, a sheltered country girl, possessed a passion for Greek letters. Hippolytus, she felt was the epitome of male virtue – high-minded, loft in his ideals, and completely the opposite of the rude and infuriating Marquis of Ruthereston, her family’s new neighbor. It seemed to amuse that notorious womanizer to bait her with his own surprisingly excellent command of Greek literature. Well, Catherine may have been a green girl, but she could give as good as she got – as the Marquis would soon discover.

The re-issue also includes the short story, “Sheer Sorcery”

The Bluestocking Bride is a young lady whose passion for things Greek leads her into the arms of her rakish neighbor. The interplay between the attractive characters is delightful and there’s plenty of sensual spark . . . happy reading is certainly in store for the Regency devotee. (Melinda Helfer, Romantic Times)