Highland Fire

Highland Fire

Original ISBN:1-55817-783-3
Original Publication Year:1994
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At the Battle of Waterloo, Lord Iain Randal promises his dying cousin David, that he will return to his lands in Scotland.

Upon his return, Rand is set upon by a band of brigands intent on mischief. Rand has no way of knowing that one member of the outlaws has an intense dislike for the English Sassenach, even though he is now the Chief of the Clan Randal.

Granddaughter of Glenshiel, but illegitimate by birth, Caitlin Randal is an independent, shrewish, somewhat dowdy young woman, with many facets to her character. When this stubborn miss and the arrogant lord meet, there is a resounding clash of tempers.

Forced into marriage by her grandfather, neither can deny the sexual current that crackles between them. They become husband and wife and lovers, and hide what is really in their hears. But there is a mystery to be resolved, and can Randal stop an unknown presence before Caitlin’s life is destroyed.

Sensual and with a well matched hero and heroine, Highland Fire is a delightfully witty joy of a book from a most gifted storyteller. (Joan Hammond, Romantic Times)