Marriage Trap

Marriage Trap

Original Publication Year:2005
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Jack Rigg’s experiences with women have made him a cynic, especially now that he has inherited his late brother’s title and fortune. As Lord Ranleigh, he is hounded by ambitious mamas and their scheming daughters who have marriage on their minds. But Jack is wise to all their little tricks. That’s why he is incensed when Miss Elinor Hill, a dowdy lady’s companion he met at a reception at the British embassy, claims that she spent the night with him in his rooms at the Palais Royal.

Ellie isn’t trying to compromise Jack. She is in desperate need of an alibi, and she really did spend most of the night in Jack’s rooms, not as herself, but masquerading as the ravishing Madame Aurora, whom Jack met at the gaming tables. Her night with Jack was quite innocent, and she, too, refuses to be compromised.

Disgraced and unrepentant, Ellie leaves for London. Intrigued and sensing a mystery, Jack follows her. Before long, he embarks on an adventure not only to win this reluctant lady’s heart, but to save her life as well.

“As multilayered as a wedding cake and just as delectable…. [Thornton] excels at creating likable characters who play well off of each other…. A memorable start to a new trilogy and a fine introduction to Thornton’s work.”–Publishers Weekly