The Passionate Prude

Passionate Prude / To Love and Earl

Original ISBN:0-8217-2485-1
Original Publication Year:1988
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Re-issue in Sept ’04 as To Love an Earl

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When word reached Deirdre Fenton that her brother was pursuing the notorious actress Mrs. Dewinters, she immediately set about extricating her incorrigible sibling from his latest folly. But her brother had gone too far this time for his – or her – own good. For Mrs. Dewinters was under the powerful protection of the reprobate war hero, the Earl of Rathbourne . . . the very man Deirdre had summarily rejected years before after nearly succumbing to his highly improper advances .And the earl was not a man to forgive an insult – or forget a lady as passionate as Miss Fenton.

From the glittering ballrooms of London’s haute ton to the bloody battlefields of Waterloo, Ms. Thornton sweeps us away on a grand scale with this intensely passionate love affair between two strong-willed people. Writing with an impeccable sense of the period, Ms. Thornton has authored a splendid breakout book to take her place among the foremost exponents of Regency romance.
–Romantic Times