The Scot and I

The Scot and I

Original Publication Year:2009
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The Scot and I is a spellbinding new novel of delicious intrigue and passionate romance.

As agent for Her Majety’s Secret Service, Alex Hepburn is a reluctant psychic whose powers sometimes come into play during his missions – such as preventing the attempt to assassinate the Queen at Balmoral Castle by a conspirator he’s been hunting forever. But it is a mysterious young woman who foils the plot, then slips away.

She is Mahri Scsot, once a courier for the faction that Alex has sworn to destroy. She can handle a gun or a knife as well as any man, and disguised as a boy, she becomes virtually invisible. She’s never encountered a man she coudln’t outsmart, outrun, or outmaneuver – until now. With Alex hot on her trail, she flees to the Scottish countryside. There she discovers that sometimes surrender can be the sweetest revenge – and the most dangerous.

With an overview of Scotland, a place she knows so well, Thornton creates fast-paced historical intrigue, combining murder, danger and a touch of the paranormal with a strong-willed hero and a heroine who can hold her own in this passion-filled romance.
Joan Hammond, Romantic Times