Tender the Storm

Tender the Storm

Original ISBN:1-55817-516-4
Original Publication Year:1991
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This is the first book of a trilogy that follows the fortunes of three young members of the Devereux family as they escape from the violence of revolution-torn France to England and North America.

Zoë’s story: She was an engaging young lady of the French arsitocracy. He was a daring Englislh nobleman turned secret agent. Together, Zoë Devereux and the man she knew only as “Rolphe” fled across wartorn France to the safety of England. Finding it impossible to abandon the innocent girl to London’s streets, Rolphe Brockford, the Marques of Rivard, scandalaized society by making Zoë his wife, though in name only. But as Zoë blossomed from waif-lie child to passionate and desirable beauty, the rules of the game changed. And nothing would ever be the same again.

The shining star of Elizabeth Thornton takes on additional luster with the publication of her latest gem of a book. In a stellar performance, Ms. Thornton lures us into her magic world of love triumphant, and demonstrates her complete mastery of the historical romance format. (Romantic Times)