Velvet is the Night

Velvet is the Night

Original ISBN:1-55817-598-9
Original Publication Year:1992
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This is the second book of a trilogy that follows the fortunes of three young members of the Devereux family as they escape from the violence of revolution-torn France to England and North America.

Claire’s story:She swore she’d never love him. He was cold, ruthless, evil . . . and as the newly appointed commissioner, Phillipe Dubet had the power of life and death over the local aristocracy. In return for her family’s safe passage out of the country, the breathtakingly lovely Claire Devereux agreed to be his mistress. She was to live in his luxurioius quarters, to be seen with him about town, and to accommodate his desires whenever he wished. Claire surrenered her body to Dubet, but swore he’d never break her spirit. What she didn’t know was that the real Dubet had been abducted, and his American twin brother, Adam Dillon, installed in his place as a spy. And she was devastated to find that her body was not at all immune to the pleasures of “Dubet’s” caress, nor her heart to his intoxicating comapny.

Sweeping from France to America, Velvet is the Night is a banquet for those who adore French history. Ms. Thornton gives the reader great insight into this turbulent era in both France and America . . . Velvet is the Night continues to show Ms. Thornton’s growth as a consummate historical romance writer.Romantic Times)