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The Wordly Widow

The Worldly Widow

Annabelle Jocelyn preferred to keep men at a distance. Indeed, the young widow’s heart belonged to her business. But Annabelle’s plans went decidedly awry when she crossed paths with the rakish Earl of Dalmar…

Fallen Angel

Fallen Angel

If there was one man Madeleina never wanted to lay eyes on, it was the scoundrel who’d seduced her fashionably young stepmother and disgraced her beloved father. The spirited Scottish lass knew his name: Deveryn.

Passionate Prude / To Love and Earl

The Passionate Prude

When word reached Deirdre Fenton that her brother was pursuing the notorious actress Mrs. Dewinters, she immediately set about extricating her incorrigible sibling from his latest folly. But her brother had gone too far this time for his – or her – own good.

A Virtuous Lady

A Virtuous Lady

Briony Langland knew she wsa expected to take her place in England’s polite society. But the straight-laced Quaker miss had no patience for London’s constant social whirl of balls, soirĂ©es, and the dashing young blades who flocked around her.

Bluestocking Bride Cover

Bluestocking Bride

Catherine Harland, a sheltered country girl, possessed a passion for Greek letters. Hippolytus, she felt was the epitome of male virtue – high-minded, loft in his ideals, and completely the opposite of the rude and infuriating Marquis of Ruthereston, her family’s new neighbor.

Sheer Sorcery

Short Story: Sheer Sorcery

On Christmas Eve, Jess will at last come of age and be free of her insufferable guardian, unless she finds there’s something she want even more than freedom . . .